ISO Auditing

Let CS East carry out your internal audits - you save time, audits become more effective, you save costs. Book a virtual consultation.

Internal Audits

CS East provides internal audit services for those businesses that want a cost-effective, and professional alternative to maintaining their own internal audit program.

Auditing can include gap auditing, full internal auditing, and supplier auditing.

CS East auditors are fully trained and carry many years of experience with all the standards and business types.

But why outsource your audits? Benefits for our clients have included;

  • Lower costs than maintaining and training an internal team,
  • Executed in a shorter time period, less disruptive,
  • Reduced number of findings by the certification body auditors,
  • Feedback from auditors improves processes,
  • Comprehensive reporting of positive and negative findings.

For the past year, CS East has been providing remote virtual audits to our clients. These have proven to be exceedingly effective and have enabled our clients to maintain their quality management systems. So whether virtual or on-site, the same CS East trusted experts engage your team wherever they are based and enrich your audit using the communication technologies available. Read more about our remote virtual internal audits.

Vendor Audits

Keeping an eye on your critical vendors is an important part of your supply chain management process. CS East can carry out vendor audits to any standard and custom requirements.

Pre-Assessment Audits

Whether it’s before you start the process (gap assessment) or before your registrar comes in, CS East can ensure you’re not in for any unpleasant surprises.

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