Virtual Auditing

Auditing and consulting during an epidemic couldn’t be easier thanks to the range of technology that is available.

Working remotely, our expert ISO consultants are still able to help implement well-designed and effective quality management and regulatory systems and provide full internal auditing services to successfully achieve ISO certification.

What are the key features of our virtual remote internal auditing services?

  • We work with all video conference platforms including Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.
  • For added security, we can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) access where necessary
  • We can split the audit into different sessions to suit your availability
  • We can review and audit documentation off-line as well as online with screen sharing

Maintaining your own internal audit program can be costly and time-consuming, and with Covid-19, it is also harder to convene a team. Our virtual auditing services are completed efficiently and with less disruption.

Maintaining your internal audit program is essential to maintain efficiency and productivity, can positively affect your relationships with customers, and help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

How does it work?

We know every business is different so use a customized approach to help you achieve your business objectives as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to simplify the processes and documentation to make the journey to ISO certification as quick and smooth as possible for you.

As the process is completed remotely, we use a combination of screen-sharing, email, chat, electronic records, and scanned documents to enrich your audit. Where there’s a requirement to audit physical processes (such as for production) we can easily switch to cell phones, and if noise is an issue, we can use chat and sub-titles to communicate. In other words, no matter what the circumstance, there’s a technological solution available.

As well as remote internal auditing, we can also provide remote consulting. This involves reviewing your facility using video, and then following that up with phone calls, and using Dropbox to maintain and share documentation.

3 reasons to choose CS East

  1. We’ve been helping businesses like yours with ISO certification for over 30 years.
  2. Having helped over 1,000 clients achieve ISO certification.
  3. Our expert team knows the complex process better than anyone saving you both time and money.

Want to get started?

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